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Suzhou, China

Suzhou beams with hidden treasures from ancient China.  Located along the bustling Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal prompted its emergence as a major trading center.  Its flowing canals later attracted an eclectic gathering of poets, artists, musicians and scholars.

Suzhou is famed for its Chinese Classical gardens, where 9 of the remaining 69 gardens is listed by the Unesco World Heritage.    Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine's Five Element theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), these elements play interlinking roles in one's health as on earth. 

Rich in symbolism and design, every rock, body of water, tree, plant, and flower serves a distinct purpose providing a spiritual utopia.   The Chinese classical garden greets one's soul to commune with nature.   A walk through the garden allows one to heal and regenerate from the rigors of daily life, reminding what is truly important for spiritual renewal.

Pine ~ longevity

Taihu rocks ~ immortality

Lotus ~ purity

Peony ~ wealth

Bamboo ~ nobleness

When strolling through a Classical Garden, the unusually shaped Taihu rocks represent wisdom and immortality, capture your attention and imagination.   Flora is used both for beauty and healing as many have medicinal uses.   The plum blossom, one of the Four Junzi Flowers (bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum, plum blossom) boasts its beauty in late winter, reminding one of the next season to arrive.


















Francesca Ferrari,

Founder of Ferrari Center of Chinese Medicine.

Although a native of Woodside, California, she lived in a mountain village of Northern Italy as a young child. She returned to gain her education in California and is blessed with an eclectic background of talented teachers: "Milo" Colonel Milandrovich, of Tsar Nicholas' Russian Cavalry: equestrian trainer; Miriam Lee, O.M.D: family acupuncturist and venerated mentor of Chinese medicine; Frank He, L.Ac, QME: Department Chair Five Branches University, decathlon athlete; Chris Bradley: Stanford tennis all star, tennis coach; Don Zhang, O.M.D: tai ji chuan and Qigong master, lineage holder of Golden Shield Qigong;  Jerry Alan Johnson, D.T.C.M. (China): national martial arts champion, founder of International Institute of Medical Qigong.

Francesca is a member of the

World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing, China

L. Francesca Ferrari
Licensed Acupuncturist, California
Doctor of Medical Qigong (China)
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China)


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